20 Fun things to keep you and the family entertained in isolation

We have got to see this as an opportunity, one that we won’t have again (hopefully ever, ever, ever again!). This time next year you’ll look back on the extra time you got to spend with your children, they’ll remember the time where they were off school and having an adventure with their parents & siblings, a time in their life where they get to spend extra time learning from you, being comforted from you and doing things they don’t normally do.

Build education into life, have fun & try to keep calm.

I am a parent, a working parent and as I write this I am pretty worried what the future has in store, but I also believe we cannot control it and therefore we need to enjoy each day as much as possible. As my nan would say, “hey sera sera- whatever will be, will be”

We have been gathering some tips from home-schooling families and digging into our childhoods for fun ideas to do whilst they are off school & we’re potentially in quarantine. Get on their level and ENJOY.

1. Spread routine out on rainy days to prevent the day dragging

2. Get in the garden on sunny days- try a scavenger hunt>> 

3. Changing rooms is a simple distraction

4. Do chores & DIY together

5. Organise stuff & make it fun

6. Make sure to have a reward chart, order one from here or print one off at home here>>

7. Write letters or email family & friends

8. Bring science and maths into cooking & gardening; see ideas here>>

9. If you have older children ask them to share their favourite skills with younger siblings

10. Paint the same picture and see what you create- e.g the fruit bowl; ideas here>>

11. If you have any budding builders/ engineers in the family make sure to bring maths and science into fun creations, click here>> 

12. Make dens, here’s 7 DIY dens they’ll never want to leave https://seemeandliz.com/7-diy-indoor-play-forts-kids-will-never-want-to-leave/  

13. Have a carpet picnic if it’s rainy. Pretend you’re outside & enjoy your lunch on a picnic blanket in the living room

14. Make home made perfume here>>

15. Make a mud pie, see how>>

16. Create a vegetable patch in the garden and grow fresh food, the best seeds to sow in March are>> 

 17. Get the kids to create a show and perform it for the family, you could facetime the grandparents!

18. Dance! Create fun dances & songs with each other- relax and enjoy

19. Make up stories together, each person do the beginning, middle and end and see how crazy your imagination can run

20. Use education tools such as: https://spellquiz.com/

or https://www.khanacademy.org/

Good luck and have fun!

Rachael Worrall

Marketing Director love2move

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