Top 5 most bizarre umbrellas, for umbrella day

February 10 is Umbrella Day!

To honour the umbrella, for shielding you from the elements all year long. I have surfed the web and collated a list of the weirdest umbrellas that can make the rain more fun.

1. The air umbrella.

All the way back in 2014, a Kickstarter campaign emerged for the ‘air umbrella’. The concept was, using high power airflow the umbrella would be able to push the rain away from you. This concept of course was ridiculous and there is no way this could ever keep you dry!

2. The Um-Banana Compact Umbrella

Remove the banana cap and it opens to fully protect you from the rain. Oh, and it comes in two colours – green and yellow.

3. Hands free umbrella

Honestly google this one for yourselfand you will not regret it!

There are loads available online, but my personal favourite is this one from

4. Duck umbrella hat for kids

This is technically not an umbrella, but I think it still counts as it provides a foldable rain shield for little ones. This one also gets bonus points for being ducking adorable (get it?)

5. Shoe umbrella

I don’t know about you, but for me, there is nothing more uncomfortable than wet feet!

These shoe umbrellas are the perfect solution to this common problem.

If you have any silly umbrellas you'd like to share, dont forget to tag us on socials @love2movehome!  

Holly Chipchase

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