Do smells help sell homes? 5 scents that may help Sell Your Home

Smells that sell

First thing is first, you need to clean your home to sell it, it is THE most effective way to improve your home. It may seem basic, but a clean home makes a HUGE difference.

When cleaning try not to just use bleach based products, make sure to use Citrus smelling cleaning products. It’s important for home sellers to be honest with themselves about the smells curating in their home and take care of the root cause of the stink, rather than simply masking the smell.

When your home is sparkling clean, is it time to make fresh coffee & bake cookies? Well, you could do, but it may not necessarily be the best approach. Despite being synonymous with property viewings, smells like brewed coffee and freshly baked bread or cookies may actually work against you, as they can distract buyers whilst they’re looking around your home.

Studies conducted by Washington State University, have shown that strong smells cause buyers to consider what the scent is, rather than concentrate on the task at hand: in our case, viewing your property.

The new theory about selling with scent is to opt for a much subtler approach. So subtle, in fact, it’ll almost be like there’s nothing in the air at all. Clean and fresh is the way to go, but you will still need undertones of scent that are easier for the olfactory senses to process.

Here are some of our favourites:


Studies show that smelling cirtus based fruits relieves stress & is a mood booster


This scent is underated; lots of people think it's a bit 'boring' however it is a stress & anxiety reliever, which is exactly what you need with the house selling 


When selling your property, you want to be calm and you also want your potential buyer to feel calm; there have been studies that scientifically prove Jasmine to be one of the most calming scents; perfect to help you sell your home.


Again there is science behind this. Cinnamon is used in aromatherapy to relax muscles & increase circulation. When applied to selling your property & conducting your viewings a few strategically placed sticks will go a long way in a feeling of goodwill from your buyer.


Studies show that walking through a pine-filled wood can promote feelings of well-being, and emulating that emotion is perfect for your vieiwng days 

How to get the scents throughout your home:


Wax or oil-based candles strategically placed around the home can quickly freshen up the air in the room. Remove candle wrappers or choose ones that can be easily displayed with other decor, or that a seller can place inside other decorative pieces to hide the candle. Just remember the candles are lit – don’t put them in a place where they can easily be knocked over.

Reed diffusers.

This is a great product to use in a bathroom. The scented oil is released into the air through reed sticks over time. However, a reed diffuser can get overpowering in small rooms, and should be replaced when the smell dissipates.

Simmer pots.

A simmer pot can easily make the home smell amazing. To use this product, mix a few scented ingredients with water, then place them in a pan on the stove. Try this before your next open house.

Deodorising disks.

These will stop bad smells in smaller places like in a shoe closet, in the laundry basket or under your sink.


Potpourri is a mixture of dried petals and spices that can be placed in a bowl or small sacks around the home to freshen up the air.

Oil plug-ins.

There are a number of products on the market that you can plug into an electrical socket to dispense aromas into the air. The scented oil releases throughout thirty days, so place this in the entryway and hallways to welcome buyers into each space.




Rachael Worrall

Marketing Director love2move

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