5 Steps to getting you sold in September and moved in by Christmas

There it is I’ve mentioned the C word. I’ve heard it a few times in the last week or so and if you are wanting to move by 25th December you need to take action NOW so I make no apology for it. Once the kids go back to school in September the property market is known to kick into life with buyers and sellers able to focus on moving home in time for the festivities.

With conveyancing transactions currently taking an average of 10 weeks if you want to move on Friday 21st December you will have to have agreed a sale by Friday 12th October, which at the time of writing is only 7 weeks away so it’s time to get your skates on. Of course, there are ways to cut down the average conveyancing transaction and my 5 tips below will help you do just that.


Before I write about ways to cut down transaction times as ever when marketing your property it’s important to get your property ready for market so you can attract a buyer as quickly as possible.

  1. A great place to start when wanting to make your house appeal to potential buyers is externally and particularly the front of the property. It’s all part of creating kerb appeal, the external jobs that are ideal for late Summer if they haven’t already been done are power washing drives and decking, trimming hedges and refreshing bedding plants.

  2. Everyone loves a trip to the tip on a Sunday, right?! De clutter the house now, it will save you the hassle later! When wanting a speedy turnaround with your sale you don’t want to have to delay the transaction further down the line because you don’t have time to pack or clear the house. Getting started now by clearing out any unwanted belongings will not only lead to you being more organised and less stressed at moving time, but will also help create a spacious feel to the house increasing your chances of selling it quickly.

  3. Book in some viewings. If you are already considering selling your home you have probably spent some time looking on Rightmove and Zoopla at the properties currently on the market and might even have an idea of properties you would like to view. Go out and view them now! There is nothing wrong with putting together a shortlist before you have sold your property and if you have an idea of where you would like to go it will make the process of selling your house much easier.

  4. Appoint an estate agent and solicitor at the same time. If you are reading this, hopefully you are considering using love2move to sell your home and we would recommend that you get yourself legally prepared for sale at the time of putting your property on the market. This means appointing a solicitor and completing your property information and fixtures and fittings forms and providing identification for your solicitor. The forms you are required to complete when selling your home ask a lot of questions and can take some time to complete so if you complete these early on it will save you the time and hassle of doing it later. You can then spend your time focussing on finding your next house, which of course will be easier if you took the advice above. This is probably the most important point and will save you up to 2 weeks in the conveyancing process as it will allow you solicitor to issue draft contracts to your purchaser as soon as you accept an offer.

  5. Communication throughout the conveyancing process is key to ensuring a speedy transaction. If you want to move by a certain date ensure all parties are aware of this date from the outset and are willing to work towards it. At love2move we encourage instant and direct communication between our buyers and sellers so they can communicate directly throughout the process and ensure everyone is on track to be in their new home for the targeted date. Communication isn’t just with the party you are buying off or selling too, but also with your solicitors. Don’t be afraid to pick up that phone and request regular updates as ultimately the solicitors have the ability to cut down the average transaction time for 10 weeks to 4 if all parties are onboard.

I hope this guide proves useful and if you are wanting more advice on selling your property quickly or ensuring a sale goes through quickly you might want to check out the 2 guides below:



Mark Worrall

COO love2move

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