Are online estate agents the future?

The world is changing, or in many cases the world has already changed! Some people say the high street is dead and whilst that might be a bit drastic, it is clear in certain industries that the companies that have adapted and now enjoy a strong online presence are prospering.

Estate agency is no different and whilst it has taken this industry longer than most others to have a strong online service offering that can compete with the high street we are now starting to see people shifting to sell their house online.

Some estate agents will tell you that online agents have flaws, that they don’t have the local knowledge required to value your house accurately and achieve the best price. Whilst some of these criticisms could be true with certain online agents at love2move we do things differently and we believe we need to offer a service that the consumer is demanding. The online sales service that we offer is delivered locally by traditional high street estate agents, it really is the best of both the traditional and online world. But our online offering is a different service and the it’s not just about being cheaper than the high street.

Consumers in this day and age demand instant results and access to information 24/7 and this is one of the reasons that online agents might be considered the future for certain consumers. We put buyers in direct contact with sellers, so your query can be answered instantly and 24/7, nobody has to wait for the estate agency to open or leave a message with a call centre. However, whilst this type of service offering is appealing for some, it isn’t what everybody wants. There is still very much a place for the traditional high street agent because they will do much more than an online agent and have more involvement in the sales process allowing a more ‘hands off’ transaction. Naturally you should expect to pay more for this service.

I believe online agents are the future, but I also believe traditional agents can play a very important role in the marketplace for years to come, although the demand for traditional agents is likely to decrease as our typical client becomes more and more tech savvy. I can see the high street needs to change and I come from a traditional estate agency background, that’s why I created love2move.

At love2move we allow consumers who demand a 24/7 online service can have all that is good about the online agents and still benefit from the traditional agent’s local knowledge and expertise. And if you find out selling your home online isn’t for you, you already have a relationship with a local agent who will be happy to help.

If you are considering selling your home with an online agent and want to find out why we are different book a free valuation here.


Mark Worrall

COO love2move

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