Ask the experts: Can you sell your house yourself and what are the benefits?

sell your house yourself with support form love2move

Once upon a time ago, the idea of selling your house yourself would have been a crazy notion. ‘How much should I sell my own home for’, ‘how do I go about setting up viewings’ and ‘what happens when I receive an offer’ are just some of the offputting questions that come to mind, which is why it has always been easier to pay an estate agent to manage the process for you.

However, for many, the cost of selling your home through estate agents can often be off-putting. Alongside this, there is a greater focus on control. So with these pointers in mind, can you manage your own sales process? Is selling your house yourself a good idea? Find out what the experts say here at love2move.

Can you sell your house yourself?

In short, yes, of course you can sell your house yourself, as in privately. However, it is important to note that you wouldn't get the benefits of using an estate agent by selling your house yourself. Estate agents can accurately value your property and give you access to portals such as Rightmove, Zoopla, and large websites with a big audience to promote & market your property to potential buyers.

An ever-growing popular way to sell your home is ‘online’ which allows you to control the sale of your house yourself. However, we have an even better solution for you if you are looking at the prospect of selling your house yourself.

love2move is a fixed fee selling platform that gives homeowners the control and flexibility to manage their house sale themselves.

The self-service property platform allows you to sell your house yourself. You approve viewings in the system, conduct viewings (with our covid guidelines safely) controlling who comes in your property and when, you decide if the offer is acceptable or not, you negotiate and literally SELL your house yourself within the platform.

love2move empowers people to control their costs & manage their sale. The average saving is £3,700 based on the average UK house price.

Selling your house yourself through love2move has so many benefits:

  • It allows you to control who is coming into your home and when It
  • Saves you lots of money.
  • You get to talk with buyers direct 24/7
  • You can speed things up.
  • You have the security of your local estate agent on hand if needs be
  • It’s flexible, your fixed fee gives you 12 months property marketing, and you can come on and off the market whenever you like
  • You have a safety net; we work with your local estate agent, so they value your property and give you the best price.
  • You can convert to their full service if you can’t sell your home yourself.
  • Selling your house yourself has never been easier or more convenient.


So can you sell your house yourself? Of course you can, and there is no better way to do it than by using the love2move fixed fee selling platform.

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