Coronavirus Covid 19- How to deal with isolation


We are in a crisis, I never thought I would start a blog like that, but I wanted to address the Covid 19 Coronavirus issue that is likely in my opinion to result in a lot of us spending a prolonged period at home within the next few weeks or months.

Over the weekend I have spent too much time on media sites and have now decided to keep updated by visiting the World Health Organisation website instead. I have decided to control what I can control and keep a positive mindset.

With that in mind I am planning on penning a few blogs that can help us make the most of a period of self-isolation and todays blog will be all about how to prepare. Failing to prepare is preparing to fail. We’ve all heard it, but how can we prepare for something that we don’t know if or when it will happen? These 4 points will help you make the most of self or compulsory isolation due to the Coronavirus Covid 19:

1. If you have to stay at home for an extended period give some thought how you would like to spend that time and make a note of your thoughts.

Maybe you would like to learn a new skill, maybe you would like to improve your diet or exercise regime. I have two young children and I will be writing another blog aimed at keeping kids entertained, but I know that if we aren’t prepared spending a sustained period of time at home will be tough.

2. Set some goals! Staying at home can allow you to achieve some of your goals new or existing if you plan in advance and could actually be fun, if you have children encourage them to get involved too. Imagine starting to learn a new language over the next 2 weeks how the sense of accomplishment will make you feel. Check out the free app if you are interested.

3. Get some house jobs done. We all run out of time at the weekend to get jobs done, well now we are likely to have plenty of time at home. Use it wisely, and let’s be honest it has come at a good time to get your garden prepared for summer! I have heard a lot of people talking about power washing driveways and decking, decorating the spare room and getting some greenery back into the garden. As with anything you want to achieve in a period of self-isolation see point 1 and get the supplies you will need to carry out your jobs.

4. Review your finances. The economy is undoubtedly going to take a hit due to Covid 19 and I think it would be sensible to use some time at home as a reason to review your finances, maybe take a mortgage payment holiday if you can and cut out any unnecessary expenditure. For example, do I really need all three Now Tv, Netflix and Amazon Prime? Last week I thought so, this week probably not!

Mark Worrall

COO love2move

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