Follow our 12 top tips to maximise your homes potential

Our advice is advance preparation before putting your house on the market.
Put your buyer’s hat on and view your home through the eyes of a prospective purchaser, that lime green chimney breast, personalised items or clutter is not everyone’s cup of tea and can actually de-value your property.

The key to maximising your homes potential is to follow a structured process, this isn’t for wimps and it may be difficult to clear that clutter you’re attached to but the rewards you’ll reap is most definitely worth it.

Step 1
Clear clutter from your out buildings this will provide much needed space to store furniture and boxed personal items.

Step 2
Pack away personal items such as family photos and your kid’s artwork, viewers need to see your house as their prospective home not yours.

Step 3
Clear that clutter and buy some attractive storage boxes… store away those piles of shoes in the hall, toys in the lounge and mail on the sideboard and anything else that detracts from your home’s lovely  features. Be ruthless with your home accessories, pack away any collections and leave out a few beautiful larger ornaments or statement pieces.

Step 4
Store away furniture (in your clutter free outbuilding) Viewers don’t want to be colliding into furniture when they visit your home, it disrupts the flow and focus and makes your space look cramped. Try to store at least 1 item of furniture from each room so your rooms look larger.

Step 5
Clean, clean, clean! There’s nothing more off putting than a grubby or smelly home, we’re talking a deep scrub clean so your home sparkles.

Step 6
Repair and fix anything that’s broken, fill unsightly gaps and replace missing fixtures such as handles or house numbers.

Step 7
Repaint any bold wall colours in neutral colour tones such as grey or creams.  As much as you adore your vivid teal dining room it could turn off a good share of your buyers, allow buyers to focus on the space and not the colour of the rooms.
Remember painting a room is relatively cheap and can be totally transformed for an average of £75

Step 8
Let in light! Open up the curtains and blinds to let in natural light and add floor or table lamps to areas that are dark. A bright, cheerful room looks larger and more appealing.

Step 9
Bring the outside in! Potted plants or pretty silk flowers will add colour into a space, they make great accessories and fill in empty corners or draw attention to feature furniture.

Step 10
Define each room... That spare room you’ve been using as a dumping ground won’t help sell your home unless you define it as a useable space such as an office, guest room or hobby room.

Step 11
Turn your bathroom into a luxury spa…. Create the feeling of relaxation for less than £50. Stack a few pretty towels tied with ribbon, add scented candles and silk plants, all this can be staged just prior to your interior photos or viewing, and remember to remove the toothbrushes and shaving foam when doing so!

Step 12
Curb appeal… Most buyers will not even view your home based on its curb appeal, make sure your home’s exterior looks attractive and inviting. Trim your shrubs, weed your flower beds, power wash hard standing surfaces, repair any peeling paint and keep the paths and drive clear.
Add a row of large potted plants along the walkway or a pretty wreath to your front door to make a big difference.

This article has been written in conjunction with love2move by Buffalo Interiors

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