Ask the Experts: How quickly can you sell a house online?

This is a question we are frequently asked; it is a tricky one as there are several answers. 

One way to sell your house fast is with an online property buying company. You will be offered cash very quickly, although you will not get the true value of your home. It is a quick fix as they need to make a profit and so they pay you the bare minimum.

Sell your house fast and for the right money

To sell your house fast and at the best price, you need your property to be priced perfectly for the market. So the most important part is the valuation. love2move is a fixed fee service delivered by your local estate agents. This means that you get an accurate valuation from your local experienced agent at a low fee with full control and transparency accessible 24/7.

Selling your home online presents a cheaper alternative to using a high street estate agent’s traditional service, but with love2move you get the knowledge of the local agent for your all-important valuation. You also keep the cost low - £895 including vat - and have the full control and 24/7 access an online platform offers. 

How quickly can you sell a house online with love2move

Using love2move allows you to sell your property quickly. You can arrange to view immediately and accept offers as soon as they are made. There is no time delay with an estate agent trying to contact you or with potential buyers who are looking to make viewings and then to discuss offers. All contact between you and the potential buyers is direct with you through the platform.

So to answer your question ‘How quickly can you sell a house online with love2move?’ Depending on your property type, condition and price you can sell your house online very FAST, in as little as 24 hours without sacrificing your asking price. 

What support do you receive?

The love2move platform professionally markets your property for millions to see.

Your local estate agent photographs your property & provides a professional brochure. Once launched on the property portals you accept viewings & offers directly through your very own love2move profile via mobile or desktop. 

You manage your own viewings (great safety aspect during Covid) get feedback, take offers & negotiate your sale. The 24/7 availability creates competition because viewers are all fighting to book in quickly, it allows you to negotiate direct & buyers tend to be more honest with you personally so don’t put in offers that aren’t acceptable. Our clients have been known to get as many as 14 viewings booked overnight and achieve well over the asking price, selling their home quickly online! 

How to sell your home fast?

See our top 5 tips to sell your house fast:

  1. Make sure it is priced right, by using a love2move estate agent you know you’re getting an expert valuation

  2. The market: right now there is a property boom after lockdown, are you going to be part of this BOOM? Stamp duty is really helping this, and current buyer demand should help you sell faster than usual

  3. Pack up your belongings, if you are committed to moving it’s only a short-term thing, by creating more space and less clutter it makes your property seem less personal and gives the buyer the opportunity to see the full potential & imagine living there themselves

  4. Create kerb appeal- make a great first impression; clean front door, colourful flower pots, parking space, save a space or drive further down the road to create availability for your potential buyers 

  5. Pick a good solicitor, once you have offers accepted you really need to have a great solicitor to make the sale speedy 

Read our helpful how-to guide for more detail on how to sell your house fast.

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Rachael Worrall

Marketing Director love2move

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