How To Keep Your BBQ Clean All Summer Long

With the sun finally making an appearance, BBQs will be the order of the day for plenty of us, especially after the lockdown period where a lot of time was spent indoors. However, if your BBQ hasn’t been used since last summer or you forgot to clean it after filling up on delightful treats the last time that you used it then giving it a good clean will be required. Here are a few tips to make the task as simple and effective as possible.


Keep It Hot
The best time to clean your BBQ is when it is hot, as the heat itself will help to burn away a lot of stubborn food remnants. It goes without saying that you must be as careful as possible when cleaning your hot BBQ, but ensure that you are wearing gloves as a minimum precaution. With the BBQ hot, you can scrape away any grime that is present and once completed and the coals are cooled slightly, you can soak old newspaper in water and cover the grill with this – effectively steaming the BBQ clean.


Elbow Grease
There’s no substitute for elbow grease! Giving the BBQ a scrub using hard bristled brushed and scourers will help to get everything clean once more. Once you have given everything a thorough scrub, use dishwater and a cloth to remove any residue left over.


Polishing The Exterior
Now that you have cleaned the grill and the interior is looking as good as new, it is time to tackle the exterior. Use warm, soapy water to clean the exterior of your BBQ and once dry you can buff with a dry cloth in order to achieve a better finish. To protect your BBQ from the elements, a top tip is to lightly coat it with mineral or baby oil as this will help to shield it from mother nature.


Keeping It Clean
The next time you use your BBQ, to make the cleaning process easier, then coat your grill with sunflower oil as it will prevent food from sticking and the grill from going rust. 

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