Maximise productivity whilst working from home

The current climate means that lots of us are still working from home for the foreseeable future, below are a few tips on how to boost productivity and create the ideal at home workspace.

Firstly - Ensure that your home office is separate from your living space in order to maintain work life balance. Setting up a computer in your lounge or kitchen will blur work life balance as those areas you are in all the time. Instead, set up your desk in a spare room or a small nook away from your living spaces.

Secondly – Keep a clean space, A cluttered desk can be distracting and increased stress if you cannot keep a tidy desk, make sure to tidy each evening ready to start the next day with a clean slate.

Finally – Create a schedule and stick to it! Start each day at the same time and finish at the same time as you would at work working overtime regularly can cause a burn art and sticking just hours will keep productivity high in the long run.


Items that every Home Office needs

Desk - This one is a given if you like to stand and stretch a standing desk may be worth it.

Office Chair – Find a chair that is suitable for you, and fits under your desk comfortably!

Computer/Laptop – Most workplaces will provide PCs or Laptops for their employees. If you are a laptop user consider investing in a mouse, keyboard and a monitor/ laptop stand so you don’t have to hunch over your laptop.

Office supplies – Despite living in the digital age, it can still be nice to keep notes, keep a notepad and a couple of pens in your office to jot notes when necessary to keep organised.

Tips for a smaller office space

If you have had to settle on a smaller office area, here are some tips to maximise the space.

Brighten it up – Add a simple desk or floor lamp with a natural bulb to emulate sunlight.

Paint Job – Shockingly, stark white walls can often emphasise how dark a room is, by using neutral tones like grey, lilac and pastel shades can make a space seem miles bigger.

Add a mirror – Its no news that mirrors reflect light, use this to your advantage and add a mirror to really open up a small area.

House plants – As well as adding colour to your office, certain plants can massively improve air quality too! Check out indoor plants like Snake plants, Spider plants, Peace lilies which all absorb air impurities and produce pure oxygen.

Holly Chipchase

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