Ask the Experts: Should I choose a variable or fixed fee estate agent?

When considering moving home - consider how you want to move home – what is the best type of selling service for you.

That may seem a little confusing, but there’s now lots of choice in ways to sell your house. You can choose your local estate agents full service fee, which is a variable fee depending on your home’s value or a fixed fee option.

Now I can almost hear you say, how do I know if I should choose a variable or a fixed fee estate agent?

Fixed fees Agents usually:

  • Are lower cost
  • Use a platform such as Purplebricks, Yopa or ours love2move
  • Work through a platform that is accessible from anywhere, anytime.
  • Give complete transparency
  • Let you arrange your viewings.
  • Enable you to talk directly with potential buyers
  • Are perfect for properties that are likely to sell quickly

Variable fee Agents are usually:

  • More expensive as calculated fees on the value of the house
  • Where a bespoke service is required
  • When a property needs extensive marketing and expertise to sell
  • Between 1.5% and 2.5%
  • When you want the estate agent to manage the whole process for you

It all depends on what you’d like to achieve from your property selling experience.

Is variable or fixed fee best?

Fixed fee is best if you want to be in control of your moving experience and keep your costs low. Fixed fee done incorrectly can have a detrimental effect on your moving experience. Fixed fee done well can leave you feeling satisfied and very happy, having achieved a great price for your home, quickly and conveniently, saving you on average £3,700 (UK av asking price).

You need to decide what you want and pursue the option that will enable you to love selling your home the most.

The love2move fixed fee platform has been designed with the sole intent to support those who want to keep close control of costs and retain flexibility without sacrificing the support of property professionals.

The benefits of fixed fee estate agents when selling your home with love2move is that it is in partnership with your traditional local estate agent.

This means you get all the benefits of fixed fee selling, with added perks from your variable fee estate agents.

When you sign up with love2move through your local agent, you get the following as part of the love2move fixed fee estate agents’ platform:

  • An expert valuation on your property from your local estate agent
  • Professional photography to ensure your property is showcased at its best
  • 12 months property marketing to millions through respected partner sites such as Rightmove, Zoopla and of course through social media* If your local agent is registered with them
  • /7 access to the quick and easy to use selling platform, which you can access from anywhere
  • Direct chat access to potential buyers to help you speed up the process and work things around your schedule

What’s more, in the unlikely event that partnering with love2move as your fixed fee estate agent does not have the results you were looking for and achieve a quick sale, you can convert to your local agents’ traditional service at any time.

See more details on what is included with your fixed fee package?

So to summarise, whichever type of service appeals to you, whether a variable or fixed fee, using an estate agent offering love2move could tick all the boxes. You can trial the fixed fee service with the ability to convert to the variable fee if, at any point, your property needs a more bespoke service.

See what support you get from your property professionals.

Rachael Worrall

Marketing Director love2move

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