The importance of direct chat

Traditional high street estate agents do not like buyers and sellers exchanging phone numbers and communicating throughout the transaction, most describe it as a nightmare, just ask one! However, at love2move our direct chat facility empowers our buyers and sellers to take control of their own house move and makes communication simple, and most importantly INSTANT!

We live in an instant world now so as a house seller why would I want to wait for an estate agent to ring my buyer to ask a question and then to ring me back with an answer, how much easier is it if I just send them a quick message? They can log in and reply instantly, and we can both get on with whatever we were doing.

Instant and direct, our chat facility opens up the lines of communication so the most important parties to a transaction the buyer and the seller know exactly what is going on and can find out important information at the simple click of a button.

Our sellers love the flexibility that direct chat gives them, particularly in relation to arranging their own viewings. By speaking directly to their viewers sellers can arrange viewings at very short notice and they do not miss opportunities no matter what time of day a viewing request is made. And the benefits of direct chat don’t stop at viewings either, the direct contact allows sellers to build up a relationship with potential purchasers before they make an offer for the property.

It is this relationship along with encouraging offers to be made online and directly to the seller that we believe has lead to achieving an average of 99% of asking price for properties sold at love2move. That’s right 99%! It is an incredible figure and one we are very proud of.

Our client testimonials refer to some of the benefits of direct chat and you can read more by clicking here, or watch one of our video testimonials by clicking here.

Some of our favourite comments are:

"I would 100% recommend using love2move to sell your home, not only is it cheaper than using solely a traditional estate agent, but it actually allowed us to talk directly to people who are interested in our property. I found this easier and quicker than having to go through an estate agent as it cut out the middle man! We could arrange viewings at any time of day, which was perfect due to work commitments. I was sitting on my couch with a glass of wine while selling my house... Perfect!!"

"The online portal gives you complete control of your sale."

Mark Worrall

COO love2move

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