What to do in your garden in July

July brings us gorgeous long days that continue into the evening – ideal for afterwork gardening, alfresco dining and barbeques with family and friends!

Top tips & things to do:

Summer can bring bad weather – ensure tall plants are secure and supported

Water later on the evenings to get the most out of water and reduce evaporation

Deadhead bedding plants to encourage new growth

Cut back faded perennial plants to keep borders tidy

Train new growth on climbing plants.

Take cuttings from your favourite tender plants for overwintering indoors.

Capture seed heads from dandelions and other weeds. Collect them before they get a chance to release their seeds and spread throughout your garden.

Vegetables to plant in June

Water your fruit and vegetable crops daily in warm weather. Try to ensure that they’re consistently moist.

Control slugs to prevent them damaging your crops. Try using a natural pest control to reduce numbers.

Clear away any diseased and spent foliage on and around your vegetable plants to keep them healthy.

Clear weeds regularly, as they compete with your crops for nutrients and water.

Flowers to sow and grow

July is the ideal time to sow spring-flowering perennial seeds for next year in trays filled with good quality compost.

For flowers that bridge the gap between spring and summer, grow biennials and beautifully scented wallflowers for flowering next year.

If you try any of our gardening tips, let us know over on socials @love2movehome

Holly Chipchase

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