What to do in your garden in June

June 20th is the longest day of the year, and with the increased temperatures and extra hours of light through the earlier days in June, this is the perfect time to do a spot of gardening especially as weeds will start to sprout up from nowhere! 

Top tips & things to do:

Hoe your boarders regularly to keep weeds at bay

Water early in the morning and later on the evenings to get the most out of water

Harvest your lettuce, radishes, salads and potatoes

Make some hanging baskets for maximum curb appeal

Mow the lawn frequently to keep the lawn neat and healthy

Plant out summer bedding plants

Prune your flowering shrubs

Shade greenhouses to keep them as cool and prevent scorching

Vegetables to plant in June

Continue sowing salad crops, such as beetroot, lettuce, pak choi and radish. Leafy salad crops may do better when sown in partially shady sites since hot dry weather can lead to bitter tasting leaves.

Sow French, runner and broad beans, peas, squash, sweetcorn, and outdoor cucumbers directly into prepared beds outside.

Flowers to sow and grow

Nasturtiums are easy and quick to flower in beds, containers, baskets, and the vegetable plot.

Scatter nigella seeds in your borders now for a sprinking of striking blue flowers.

Have a sunflower growing contest, it's great fun for the kids!

If you try any of our gardening tips, let us know over on socials @love2movehome 

Holly Chipchase

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