Ask the Experts: Why should I use an online estate agent?


‘Should I use an online estate agent? And ‘is selling my house online easy’ are two of the most common questions we are asked here at love2move. Pretty much everything these days is available online and for the most, you could argue the service is far quicker, smoother and easier to navigate. But can the same be said for selling your house online?

If you’re looking to sell your property and are asking yourself ‘Should I use an online estate agent?’ Or ‘I’m thinking of selling my house online, what are the benefits?’ then this might be the article for you. Read more to find out what our experts here at love2move have to say.

Why should I use an online estate agent?

There are many reasons why people choose to use online estate agents to sell their property. Here we have compiled just some of the main reasons that we have encountered during our time within the industry. Take a look below reasons why people choose online estate agents:

  • Online estate agents are lots cheaper than traditional high street agents, as you work on a one-off fixed fee.
  • You are in the driving seat! Nothing gets lost in translation if you deal directly with the potential buyers yourself 24/7 giving you full control
  • The online estate agent’s service is more flexible than a high street agent’s, because you can pick ‘n choose which services you actually need/want from an online agent, and that can impact the cost significantly. For example, a professional photography service or a physical ‘for sale’ sign. You don’t really get that level of flexibility with high street agents.
  • Online can give instant gratification. You should use an online estate agent if you like to press a button and know something is happening straight away.
    • You can book a valuation 24/7 with a click of a button
    • Get your property online
    • Talk directly to buyers with a click of a button
    • Offer on properties
    • Accept offers
    • Send sales memorandum instantly to your solicitor

Why should I use an online estate agent like love2move?

So you have the answer to the question ‘should i use an online estate agent’ and can see the many benefits to following this route. If with all this in mind you are now ready to sell online then you should most definitely consider using the love2move platform. Why? because our unique online model offers you THE BEST OF BOTH.

We understand the benefits of online, however, selling your home online ONLY can leave vendors feeling rather unsupported. We partner with traditional estate agents across the UK so you can sell your house online in the safe knowledge you’re selling your biggest tax-free asset with a true property professional who has expert skills in valuing your property accurately. We care if you sell your property, so even though love2move is a fixed fee online selling platform where you have all of the online benefits, you also have the benefits from traditional too.

These benefits include:

  • Most accurate price for your property, from an expert
  • Low cost of £895 inc vat, saving on average £3,700 (*Twentyci report)
  • Convenience; 24/7, chat, works around you, perfect for working from home
  • Control : it’s direct, instant & flexible for your needs
  • Continuing with flexibility, you get 12 months property marketing and can choose to take your property on and off the market as and when you like
  • Ability to convert to full service if fixed fee platform isn't for you, without losing your full fee
  • Security of your local estate agents office & visiting someone in person if required


So the question ‘why should I use an online estate agent’ has been answered. Now you need to find out the answer to the next important question which should be ‘how to sell my house online’. Already know this? Then what are you waiting for, Book a FREE valuation TODAY

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