Giving- How your sale is making a difference

As a property business we believe your house is a special place and as a team we have a desire to help as many people as possible find their special place. This is why we have decided to contribute to helping people around the world in many different ways, with a focus on helping those less fortunate than ourselves find shelter. With your sale, you're really making a difference & giving back.


By being part of the B1G1 community we have incorporated purpose and meaning to our business through giving. We are just at the start of our journey, but it is our aim that together with our customers we can make a great difference to the world by doing what we do every day.

Our Giving Stories

Giving has become a habit for us. By giving micro-giving impacts everyday, we believe that great things can be achieved. We call these habits giving stories for example:

Through these giving stories we want to make a difference in more than one country and you can see where our impacts have made a difference it is our plan to populate this world map as we grow our business:

By being part of the B1G1 commuity we are proud to support a movement making a huge impact and we are keen to grow our participation with the company. Below you can see a live figure of the impacts they have had since starting in 2007.



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