How to sell my house online?

With the emergence of online estate agents are you left wondering how to sell your house online? Or perhaps how do online estate agents work? This guide will give you all you need to know about selling your house online.

What is an online estate agent?

Before you learn how to sell your house online, it is important to distinguish between an online estate agent and an estate agent that advertises online. Most online estate agents have no physical office in your area to visit and operate out of a centralised office to keep costs down.

In comparison, an estate agent that advertises online is what just about every estate agent currently in operation today is such is the power of the internet. These estate agents have physical business premises in your area that you can visit and interact with those who work there, which is a huge difference-maker when deciding to sell your house online.

Things to consider when you sell your house online

When you sell your house online, it is important to do your research first. Finding the right online estate agent for you is incredibly important. Some key questions to consider when carrying out your search include:

  • How do they differ
  • Are they hiding hidden costs in their terms and conditions? 
  • Have they sold many houses in your area? 
  • What is the process like for a potential purchaser?


We always recommend when you are looking to sell your home online, and you are looking for the right estate agent posing as a viewer to do some simple market research. That way, you can assess how knowledgeable the person speaking to you is and how easy is it to book a viewing?

What happens next?

Once you have chosen which online agent you will use to sell your house online, the payment terms for each are often quite different, but the take-on process should be similar. You will need to agree to their terms & conditions, provide identification and approve your property advert. Once your property is online, the service you receive from there and your obligations will differ depending on the agent you have chosen.

By using an online estate agent, you can’t expect to receive the same service and pay a fraction of a traditional estate agent’s price. Life simply doesn’t work like that, and like anything you should expect to get what you pay for. If you are ready to sell your house online using an online estate agent and enjoy the cost savings that brings, you should be prepared to be more involved in the sale than if you enlisted a traditional, high street estate agent to sell your house online for you.

A typical online estate agent will leave you to conduct your own viewings, possibly take your own photos & normally expect you to wait on hold to a call centre when asking how your sale is progressing. This might not sound all that big of a deal, but selling your most significant asset might need a more flexible approach.

How love2move can help you sell your house online

At love2move we give our clients the option of the best of both worlds. Your house is valued by an experienced local estate agent with a high street presence and our basic package allows you to take control of your sale. Suppose at some stage you feel you need some assistance. In that case, you can upgrade your package to include such elements as accompanied viewings, sales progression conducted locally or even key handover on completion day.

It should be straightforward to sell your house online, and you should have the flexibility when it comes to choosing the level of service you require. Not only that, you should be able to amend the service you require at any point. That is the unique offering that we provide at love2move.

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Mark Worrall

COO love2move

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