How your sale is making a difference

At love2move we believe that everyone deserves to have a place they can call home. That’s why we are investing in projects around the world like BIG1 – designed to help those less fortunate than ourselves to find shelter and benefit from a roof over their heads.

So, when you sell with love2move you aren’t just making a difference to yourself; you’re making a real difference to the lives of others, too.


We’ve only just started our journey with the BIG1 community but we’re passionate about what can be achieved with your help.

Our giving stories

We’re already giving little and often to charities that have the power to change lives. As love2move continues to grow we want to be able to extend our support for some of the great charities doing work around the world. Here’s a taste of what our customers’ sales have already done for others.

By being part of the B1G1 commuity we are proud to support a movement making a huge impact and we are keen to grow our participation with the company. Below you can see a live figure of the impacts they have had since starting in 2007.


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